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About PHP

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Platform for Healthcare Promotion (PHP) is a non-profit making, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered under the NGO act no 24 of 2002, in October 2019 after being recognized and operated as Community Based Organization (CBO) with recognition No. KGR/BDC/CBO/0979 since 2017. The organization is based at Kagera Region, Bukoba District - Tanzania.

PHP was established with the mission of promoting better healthcare services for all human beings in Tanzania Mainland. We primarily work in the sector of healthcare focusing on research, training, awareness creation and providing direct healthcare services to the communities. The organization has been making efforts through its various community initiatives to provide quality healthcare promotion services to everyone and anyone who needs them. The organization is contributing new valuable knowledge through research with regards to development of new preventive measures and solutions to pandemics such as COVID-19, AIDS etc. We also provide social economic assistance to women, youth and children. Our focus is to have a “Healthy and Prosperous Society”.

The type of activities undertaken by the organization range from capacity building to service delivery, with focus remaining on the deprived and marginalized health and hygiene segments of the society. Whereas in terms of operations what characterizes PHP functioning are its efforts to:

(a) Enlist involvement of the locals when initiating healthcare related activities at the grass root level.
(b) Mobilizing locals to take part in healthcare promotion campaigns initiated by PHP i.e. Public Cleanliness in Streets, Public Physical Exercises thus running, Health Camps for checkups etc.

We Ensure transparency at all levels of our work towards serving the community.
We Provide creative expertise and strong commitment to the community.
We are accountable and act according to the values we wish to promote.